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Sounds Like A New Tranny Stencil Tee Designs

5 January
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This is my little buisness when i make stencil tee shirt designs, and you hopefully like them. It started off as a way to help pay off the debt from a new transmission i had to purchase, hense, sounds like a new tranny.
I would like to say that the tees are all pretty good. i try to make them the baset i can. i wish all i did was just make them, but we are all busy, so that's why i don't have new ones out every week like i'd like to.
When you purchase a tee from me, you can send money orders (prefered), checks (also ok), or concealed cash (at your own risk). When i recieve your payment, the next day i purchase and wash your tee to get out any starch etc. that might be harmful to the paint. Then i stencil your tee and it has to hang for 24 hours to dry completely. Then, i send it out! the whole process usually takes about three days, not too bad.
Thank you so much for looking and i hope you find something you like!